Cool for School Photo | Staff of Cool For School Photos
  Cool for School Photo knows what you want. Yes, we’re expert photographers. But we’re also parents. So we get it. You want a photo that captures your child’s true personality.

At our photo shoots, we encourage individuality. We know there’s a real person on both sides of the camera lens. Kids are free to choose their own poses. And everyone gets to shine in their own way.

You don’t want a big production, and we get that too. We prefer to go for natural settings, and let the school itself be part of the memory. Our photos are simple and natural, rendered with a modern sensibility.

From the initial setup to the final printing, we use top-of-the-line equipment and software. Our artistry at retouching and color-correction brings out the best in each amazing portrait.
Who We Are:
  Larry Bercow
Founder / Creative Director

As you can see Larry’s a cool guy. He also loves taking pictures of people.

His career is studded with commercial and artistic accomplishments. He’s done portraits for clients like American Express, MTV, and United Airlines. His photos have appeared in major publications including Vogue, New York Magazine and Art News, as well as in art galleries and museums worldwide.

Having a young daughter himself, Larry’s turned his talents for portraiture towards kids. Who said school pictures can’t be great portraits? How does he take such great portraits? – easy – he lets people be themselves!

  Klaudia Maier
General Manager
  Klaudia was formerly an exhibition and event organizer, now she’s also an expert mom. Both her careers have prepped her for catering to every need of your school or PTA - with a smile! She handles the business side of our company.
  Lourdes Escobar
Production Manager
  Lourdes started and ran her own company that produced video content and commercials for Latin broadcasting networks. She’s also a lifelong lover of kids and an invaluable part of our team -- we couldn’t do it without her!
  Meg Majors
  Meg is not only stylish she’s also a great child stylist and photographer in her own right. She brings energy, fun and her great love for kids to every photo she takes.
  Gotta Kid to Feed Productions
Videography Partner
  Joe Plummer has his own award winning full service production company and creative agency Gotta Kid to Feed Productions that specialize in developing, creating and producing cutting edge, often hilarious content. Cool For School Photo has partnered with Joe and GKFP and produced some hysterical and moving videos that have grabbed much attention.
  Anselm Dästner
Graphic & Web Designer
  Anselm is a Kraut graphic design consultant who knows how to design and build websites.